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HomeWater Testing, Raleigh, NCHome Water Testing, Raleigh, NC

We offer home water testing for free – no strings attached!

If you’re not sure what’s present in the water you drink, you may be unknowingly ingesting contaminants and chemicals that can impact your health. Many of the contaminants found in drinking water aren’t visible when you look at a glass of water, so you could be ingesting iron, manganese, sulphur, iron, and other substances every time you take a drink. At Progressive Water Solutions LLC, we offer home water testing to help our clients better understand what is present in the water they drink, as well as water filtration solutions to address the presence of any concerning contaminants and chemicals.

Home Water Testing in Raleigh, North Carolina

We offer home water testing for free – no strings attached! We offer this service at no charge because we want to help inform and educate people about what’s present in their water and how it can impact their health and budget. Hard water contains an excess of various types of minerals, and it can cause damage to your plumbing, make it hard to get your clothes clean, and even impact how your skin feels after you shower. If your water contains other contaminants, it may not be suitable for drinking, which means you’ll spend more on bottled water to drink at home.

When you schedule a complimentary home water testing service at your Raleigh, North Carolina property, we’ll bring the equipment needed to set up a small, portable lab in your living space. This allows us to test the water quickly and conveniently, as well as give you your results right away. Contact us today to get your water testing service scheduled.

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