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Our water treatment systems will make your home’s water clean and refreshing with no odor, no taste and no color.

Go to the tap and get a drink of water– what do you see, smell and taste? Is it odorless, colorless and tasteless? Now, just imagine this: being able to go to the tap and get a drink of fresh, clean, clear water without the worry of chemicals, chlorine by-products and strange aftertastes! Here at Progressive Water Solutions LLC, we are here to help you make your dream into a reality with our variety of water treatment system options that are available to you in the Durham, North Carolina area and beyond.

Water Treatment Systems in Durham, North Carolina

Our water treatment systems are able to help you achieve clean, clear drinking water through many different methods. One of the first things we can do is provide you with a free, in-home water testing option that allows us to determine the areas in which your drinking water could improve. We can determine the level of certain chemicals and their by-products, remove sediments, adjust the pH balance, and even remove iron, sulphur and manganese. Armed with the right information, we can customize your water treatment solution to ensure the cleanest and freshest water for your consumption.

Because we have so many different options when it comes to water treatment systems, you will want to talk with us about what systems would be best for your needs. We would love the chance to discuss your water treatment system choices further with you. To learn more about how we can make it easier to do laundry and dishes in clean water and have clean drinking water, please contact us today at Progressive Water Solutions LLC.

At Progressive Water Solutions LLC, we offer water treatment systems to those in Durham, Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Garner, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Wake Forest, and Raleigh, North Carolina.


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