We have already noticed much softer towels and laundry; our skin is less dry and the taste and water quality is great. The process of installation was seamless and everything is working well. I can’t believe we waited so long to do this!

B. Huth, Greensboro

Long story short – Progressive Water Solutions saved our skin. Their water system has completely improved our lives. From the dishwasher to the washing machine to the silky smooth showers – everything is better than before. Dan came out in person and provided a personalized solution for our water. His technicians were very thorough – double checking every connection. They were also extremely informative, explaining what they were doing and answering all of my questions. A lot of these water companies try to scare you with a water test or sell you extremely expensive units. With Progressive it’s no B.S. they give you what you need at and affordable price with unmatched customer service.

H. Rudy, Durham

I can’t speak highly enough of Progressive Water. The time that Dan took to sit down with us and explain how the public water system works and the things that were in our water…….what we bathe in, wash our food in, drink – he completely changed our perspective and has changed our lives. My husband’s dry hands have healed, our food tastes better and I love drinking water now! Thank you Progressive Water for all that you have done!

D. Lott, Durham

We love this. I’m not one to share anything that I don’t absolutely believe in. And I have shared this with anyone that will listen. This has changed our skin, hair, clothes and we actually drink our water now. We won’t be without this system again.

B. Kutner, Raleigh

Norbert was great! Super friendly and helped explain everything as he installed things. I’m looking forward to finally having clean water.

S. Chan, Chapel Hill

We just built a new home and was not long before we noticed that we needed a water softening system. We talked with three different companies, and two of the three took a lot of our time and attempted to scare us into the ultimate system (along with a crazy price tag). Our experience with Dan was different. We outlined what we wanted, he showed us exactly what we asked for, no up selling, extra talk or wasted time. His team was professional, courteous and did a great and professional job of the installation. Dan personally followed up to make sure we were satisfied every step of the way including after the installation. If customer service and satisfaction are important to you, in our experience you can count on Dan and his team at Progressive Water to deliver.

B. Baxter, Wake Forest

These guys could not have been any better. On time. Great price. Followed up twice to make sure all was well. Simply amazing service.

C. Aharon, Efland

The system that was installed in my home completely took care of my hard water and iron. The owner and staff are very friendly and responsive. I would highly recommend this company for any water issues you are having.

S. Holland, Chapel Hill

Since the install we have already seen an amazing difference in our water, air and clothes. My wife and I both have softer skin (not dry anymore), my itching has stopped, the water is clean and makes everything taste better (from coffee to pasta). The water makes my skin feel almost moisturized when I take a shower. Our clothes are softer. The house smells different (good) with the air filter system. It has helped remove most of the new house smells that were pretty strong. I was pretty skeptical at first but would absolutely recommend this type of system for others. It is the real deal, actually does what it says it will do and you will see/feel the difference immediately.

S. Carter, Raleigh

Simply outstanding Customer Service. I have more than 30 years in the customer service business and Dan, along with Norbert have blown me away. Dan allowed me to take my time to reasearch his recommendations so it was a 90 day process for him to make the sale. He responded to each phone call and question I had professionally and explained everything to me. My family and I never felt hurried or spoken down to. When we did have a minor hiccup after the sale, Dan refused to wait till the first of the week and sent Norbert out on a Sunday! I cannot recommend Dan and his team enough. Simply the best company I have dealt with in a very, very long time.

R. Rose, Roxboro

They are quick to respond and provide great products. Thanks for providing clean drinking water in this questionable region of water cleanliness.

J. Doyle, Carthage