Your Guide to Optimized Chlorine/Chloramine Removal

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Water, the sustenance of life, can sometimes carry substances that affect its taste, odor, and overall quality. Among these are chlorine and chloramines, two disinfectants commonly used in public water systems. At Progressive Water Solutions LLC, we offer comprehensive chlorine/chloramine removal solutions tailored to the unique water profile of homes throughout Durham, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

Your Guide to Optimized Chlorine/Chloramine Removal

Here are a few ways we optimize the chlorine/chloramine removal process:

  • Water testing. To optimize chlorine/chloramine removal, understanding the exact levels of these substances in your water is crucial. This is where our in-home water testing service shines. By setting up a portable lab in your kitchen, we analyze your water’s unique composition, paving the way for targeted treatment solutions.
  • Treatment systems. Based on the water testing results, we may recommend installing a Westinghouse water treatment system. These cutting-edge systems effectively tackle chlorine and chloramine removal, improving your water’s taste and odor and enhancing its quality for everyday use.
  • Customized water treatment. Remember, water treatment isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The removal efficiency of chlorine/chloramines can vary based on your specific water source and its unique characteristics. This is why we take pride in providing customized water treatment plans. Our goal is to ensure that every household enjoys the benefits of clean, purified water.

In the quest for clean drinking water, chlorine/chloramine removal is crucial. As a trusted provider of water treatment systems, we are committed to guiding you on this journey toward water purity. Contact us to learn more about our water treatment services.