Why Should Water Testing be Done Regularly?

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Whether you are getting your water from a well or your municipality, it is easy to forget that the quality of water can change. This is especially true with well water, which is influenced by a wide number of factors that you could have little or no idea about. This is why, at a minimum, you should have water testing done annually. However, if you have noticed a difference in flavor, discoloration, odd odors, or other signs, you should have it done right away.

Why Should Water Testing be Done Regularly?

So, you might be wondering what can change water quality. A lot! The water that enters your well is filtered through the soil and rock. If either of these becomes contaminated in some way, these elements could easily end up in the water you are drinking, bathing with, and otherwise using. Without a quality water filtration system to create clean drinking water, there is no telling what your family could be consuming.

Another question is whether you need to do water testing if you do have a whole-home water treatment system. The answer is yes! Never assume that your system is always working properly or that you are maintaining it in such a way as to ensure the water is the highest quality. Water testing will alert you to an issue so that it can be corrected.

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