Why Chlorine/Chloramine Removal is a Good Idea

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Why Chlorine/Chloramine Removal is a Good IdeaWhen various diseases, such as typhoid and cholera, were a major health problem, it was important to find ways to sanitize water. As indoor plumbing came on the scene, it became critical to treat the water to combat these water-borne diseases. The use of chlorine was found to be an effective and cost-efficient method to go about that. However, as is the case with many of the best-laid plans, the long-term effects were unknown. Even today, when links have been found to many potential health problems, chlorine is still in use and is often not filtered out effectively. Some municipal water treatment plants use chloramine, which is a combination of chlorine and ammonia that also has been linked to health concerns.

The good news is that you can protect your family against the potential adverse health effects of both of these disinfectant agents with the use of a water treatment system that provides effective chlorine/chloramine removal. Keep in mind that you will need a quality system, as chloramine removal in particular is more difficult to accomplish.

To better understand why chlorine/chloramine removal is a good idea, consider the health risks that have been linked to having these substances in drinking water and the water you use to bathe. Many systems in your body can potentially be affected.

If you are unsure whether your water supply contains these agents, reach out to us at Progressive Water Solutions LLC to schedule free in-home water testing. We will share the findings of our testing and a plan for chlorine/chloramine removal, if needed, and other contaminant removal that might be needed to achieve quality water for your family.