What Professional Water Testing Can Tell You

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At Progressive Water Solutions LLC, we provide water testing services and encourage you to have us come and test your home’s water. During the water testing process, we show you exactly what’s in your water that’s flowing through the appliances and faucets in your home. When we provide this service, we can give you further information about your home’s drinking water, the overall water quality in your home, and more.

What Professional Water Testing Can Tell You

Although different water tests can identify different things, our water testing process identifies how hard your water is, chlorine levels, and total dissolved solid levels. We recommend having your water tested in any or all of the following situations:

  • You notice rust stains developing on your toilets, tubs, and sinks.
  • Your drinking water gives off a faint rotten egg odor.
  • Your dishes come back spotty and streaked after you clean and dry them.
  • Your skin is abnormally irritated and your hair is frizzy.
  • Excessive soap scum and mineral buildup show up on your appliances and fixtures.

After we complete the water testing process and show you exactly what’s in your water, we can introduce you to solutions for keeping your water clean and clear. For example, we may recommend a water softener or a whole-house treatment system to help you get the results you want.

Our goal is to provide helpful information as part of the water testing process. To learn more or to schedule a water testing appointment, contact us today.