Drinking Water Testing: What's Coming Out of Your Faucet?

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If you have noticed a buildup of hard water spots on surfaces in your home or detected a change in the taste or smell of your drinking water recently, you may be wondering what is in your water and what your family is drinking. Drinking water testing is fairly easy and inexpensive and can give you results quickly.

Drinking Water Testing: What's Coming Out of Your Faucet?

It is especially important to have your water tested every year if the water you are drinking comes from a well on your property. While many testing kits test for things like pH level, chlorine/chloramine, coliform and e-Coli bacteria, iron, sulfur, manganese, nitrates, hardness, arsenic and other contaminants, there are substances that can be especially dangerous to your health and need to be tested for as well. Naturally occurring hexavalent chromium, coal ash and PFAS, which is a group of man-made industrial chemicals, are three types of contaminants that have been found in well water in the North Carolina area and are cause for concern.

Municipal water sources are monitored for contaminants and do a fairly decent job of keeping drinking water safe. However, you have probably heard of “boil” orders every now and then because contaminants sometimes find their way into the municipal water system and it can take days to get it cleaned up. Having drinking water testing done regularly can help you feel confident that your family is safe and purchasing a drinking water purification system is an additional step to making sure your water is clean.

If you are concerned about the safety of your drinking water and think your family could benefit from drinking water testing, please give us a call at Progressive Water Solutions LLC today!