3 Well Water Problems That Need Immediate Attention

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3 Well Water Problems That Need Immediate AttentionFor many Durham, North Carolina homeowners, a private well is synonymous with fresh, clean water. While this is often the case, it’s crucial to understand that, like any water source, well water isn’t exempt from potential issues.

Here are a few common well water problems that, if detected, need immediate attention.

  1. Strange color or cloudiness. One of the first signs that something might be amiss with your well water is a noticeable change in color or clarity. Water with a brown, red, or orange hue might indicate the presence of iron or manganese. Cloudiness, on the other hand, could mean more minerals or sediment in the water. Either issue could affect your water’s taste, smell, and overall quality.
  1. The presence of bacteria. The underground nature of wells makes them vulnerable to bacterial contamination. Coliform bacteria, commonly found in soil and vegetation, can enter your water supply during heavy rainfall. Regular water testing can help detect these unwanted guests early and ensure your water remains safe.
  1. Fluctuations in water pressure. If you notice inconsistent water pressure throughout your home, the issue may be from a malfunctioning pressure tank to a decrease in the well’s water availability. It’s highly recommended to contact a well water professional if you experience water pressure issues.

These well water problems may sound concerning, but they are manageable. Regular water testing, maintaining your well structure, and monitoring your water pressure can go a long way in preserving your health. At Progressive Water Solutions LLC, we provide our clients with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure the quality of their water supply.